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The puzzles were a success from last week! And from the playtesting feedback there wasn’t much to change in terms of gameplay but we did want to add some more polish to the game. The biggest change we made was to the controls. People seemed to have a bit of difficulty with them, so we’ve changed the controls to using WASD to move, JK to turn pipes, and the SPACEBAR to pick up and put down. Although the old controls still work. 

Some other things we added to increase polish are…

  • Increased visibility of the pipe (not behind the chicken anymore)
  • Music!
  • Scene transitions don’t block the map
  • Fun names for each level
  • Added chicken animations 
  • Final scene (you’ll have to finish the game to see)

These changes should definitely enhance the game and we’re excited for the showcase. Our game isn’t exactly a fast-paced game, but we’re looking forward to seeing what people say. It’s been great working on this team! Who knows maybe we’ll get some good feedback and decide to implement (after a little break).

Maybe next time?

Studio Mononoke


ChickenIslandWin.zip 32 MB
Chicken_Island (Mac).zip 32 MB

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